Automatic sliding doors can be combined with different sets of operational switches. Our switches are multifunctional and provide many user made combinations.
Choose the right door switch for the right application from Doorson family.
COM 20 | touchscreen switch
Multifunctional touchscreen switch mode operator offers different settings, door parameter management, display warnings, errors and diagnostic management.
COM 21 | mechanical switch
Mechanical switch mode operator with 7 different modes: OPEN, LOCK, STOP, AUTO summer, AUTO winter, ONE WAY summer, ONE WAY winter
SMART SWITCH | touchless opening
Multifunctional touchless opening with adjustable sensor detection 0,2m – 1m: NARROW, MIDDLE or DEEP.
SMART LOCK | touchless opening and locking
Multifunctional touchless opening and locking with three operation modes: OPEN, LOCK and AUTO. Adjustable sensor detection 0,2m – 1m: NARROW, MIDDLE or DEEP.
For the use on escape routes, emergency exits, fire doors and other safety reasons with light indication. Emergency open for standard door and escape door. Emergency close for fire doors.
CLOUD GATEWAY | network management
Door are connected by cloud gateway on network to DOOR CLOUD management. Web application providing door control and door management. Three deferent levels access as administration, service, end user. Door management is provided as control, errors, warnings, users, calendar. IoT functionality is integrated.