What's happening in Doorson

Restaurant, Hotel Ajda

Restaurant impresses with a fresh and modern interior, complemented by the functionality of automatic sliding doors at the entrance, passage to the kitchen and exit to the large terrace.


Doorson helps Ukraine with a donation

Doorson responded to the shocking war situation in Ukraine with a donation of 1000 Euros for humanitarian help.


Hotel Soča, SoNo architects: Welcoming entrance experience in the mountains

The hotel's entrance is sophisticated and functionally complemented by the automatic sliding door, improving the overall user experience.


Villa R: Modernity and functionality harmonized in a private home

The private home reflects individual style with thoughtful design and personalized solutions of automatic sliding door at the entrance to the dining room and hallway, esthetically complementing the interior architecture.


Hotel Grof: Exceptional design and hospitality

With the integration of a custom-made automatic sliding door, on the ground floor, this is a place of a comprehensive experience of hospitality & well-being with a top-notch atmosphere.


Response to the pandemic: Smart lighting & automatic sliding doors bring greater flexibility and efficiency in healthcare

Doorson and Intra lighting have joined forces in the NEW healthcare project. The focus was on the architectural solutions that are shaped to concentrate on health and well-being.


General hospital Slovenj Gradec: New radiology department protected by lead-lined doors

The General Hospital Slovenj Gradec acquired a new operating room with our custom-made lead-lined doors and new X-ray machine.


Big See Award winners 2021!


We are delighted to announce that our NEW fire family of automatic sliding doors 500 product line has been pronounced as the Product design winner by Big See - where life is creativity!




Product design: Raketa d.o.o., Rok Kuhar





Autosalon Volkswagen: Spatial flexibility and functional experience

Car dealership Volkswagen offers a comprehensive range of quality services for vehicles. With the renovation, they focused even more on innovation, service quality and a better customer experience.


Veterinary clinic Sežana: Reflection of the advanced and touchless environment

Veterinary Clinic Sežana was re-designed to accommodate a team of veterinary specialists to provide them with a hygienic, functional, and pleasant working environment.


Winners of German Innovation Award 2021!

Our NEW fire family has been successfully pronounced as the German Innovation Award Winner 2021!


Asian Restaurant Han: Full hands in. Full hands out.

The Asian oasis in the middle of the shopping center Aleja, Ljubljana gently invites you to sit down and enjoy the pleasant atmosphere with good food and efficient service.


Our contribution to make the Earth a better place

Planet Earth is home to many living creatures and we strive to make it a better, welcoming and healthy place. Being aware that today's comfort leads to energy consumptions we seek to innovative energy solutions that contribute to saving our Earth.


Our fire family meets the standards!

The certificate of the constancy of performance is a confirmation of many years of work of development, design and fire testing of our new fire automatic sliding doors 500 product line.


Interview with an Architect: Tourist Agency Sonček, Aleja

We talked to David Mišič, head of the architectural bureau Styria Architecture, about the Tourist Agency Sonček project in the Aleja shopping center in Ljubljana, where he captivatingly and functionally designed the architecture of the space with frameless glass automatic sliding doors.


Meet Doorson virtually at BAU 2021!

BAU 2021 will take place as a hybrid format this year. The fair is a great opportunity for new business successes and collaborations. Join us for online presentations where you will learn all about our innovations in the field of automatic sliding doors!


Curved automatic sliding doors: Reveal a building's character

Today’s architectural demands, dictated by the aim for transparency and spatial continuity between inside and outside, always push for better performances.


Doorson Corporate Catalogue 2020

Explore almost 200 pages of automatic sliding door technology, new product families, additional accessories and architectural inspiration.


Park Cafe

No random opening, only "on demand"
Park Café is a famous tourist spot in Lake Bled, where you can try the traditional Slovenian dessert called Bled cream cake.

German Design and Big See Award for 400 product line!

It is a celebration time at Doorson team!
We are honoured and proud to announce that our interior automatic sliding doors product line 400 has been pronounced as the product design winner by the German Design Award and the BIG SEE Award.

Airport Automatic Sliding Entrance Solution

Highly functional door openings are a must in busy airports, as they allow an undisturbed and fast flow of passengers. Automatic sliding doors provide a large opening, which makes it a perfect solution for terminals, where people are carrying big luggage, while trying to catch their flight.

Touchless access

A simple wave infront of the switch opens the door. Open the door by approaching the body, arm or hand, otherwise it'll stay closed. Perfect for all places that need an automatic opening, but don't want a door that opens everytime someone walks by.

Which doors to choose for the kitchen?

If you don’t have much space, automatic sliding doors are an ideal solution. Compared with classical swing doors, they don’t interfere with the rest of the space when they are opening, because the leaves slide alongside the wall.


Raduha Sport Trip

Last weekend we went on our traditional trip to the mountains of Slovenia. This time we went to the top of Raduha, which is 2062 meters high mountain in the eastern part of the Kamnik-Savinja Alps, divided by Savinja valley.



Camp Šobec, Bled, Slovenia

Being near the beautiful small town Lesce, with astonishing views of Karavanke and Julian Alps, Camping Šobec is the perfect place to unwind. Its nature-inspired appearance is nicely complemented by big glass automatic sliding doors that open the way to various camping sites.