12th September 2018
Ana's Mansion, Rogaska Slatina

On the edge of health resort complex in a touristic place of crystal glass and water Rogaska Slatina is located a new cultural building, called Ana's Mansion.
 Building serves as museum of representation of local history and attraction, and it also has a large hall for purposes of cultural or social events.
 Architecture of building has to combine tradition and magnificence, accordance with nature surroundings, but on the other hand it also has to project modern development of local architecture.

For sure first great impression of building comes at its entrance. At Rogaska Slatina they have chosen Doorson automatic sliding doors, which round modern style of building with their own elegant and simple design. Transparency of entrance allows first view at central hall and it kindly invites you to enter. 
Extremely safe and easy entrance welcomes you to enter.

Interior doors allow building to breathe also from inside and due to their slim appearance they blend in perfectly with light and spacious interior, which tells the story of crystal from Rogaska.

Rogaska Slatina is proud of its natural features and despite constant development of area, they still manage to protect and preserve that inheritance. So choice of energy efficient Doorson doors were not a coincidence. It must be mentioned that doors achieve only 0,5W of electrical energy consumption in energy saving mode, which leads to massive reduction of operating costs. Consequently, it means also that Doorson products ensure greener environment.