Asian Restaurant Han, Aleja

Full hands in. Full hands out.


The Asian oasis in the middle of the shopping center Aleja, Ljubljana gently invites you to sit down and enjoy the pleasant atmosphere with good food and efficient service.



Open for culinary specialties


The subtle architecture allows the invisible blending of an automatic sliding door with the interior at the entrance from the kitchen to the restaurant. A wooden leaf with a personalized glass window elegantly provides functional two-way communication even in the busiest time. With custom-made solutions, they create a beautiful atmosphere that enables the customers to calm down, relax and forget about the stress from the outdoor area.



Bring the best to your guests


Automatic sliding door ensures high performance when it comes to hospitality. It provides touchless and efficient access for the staff to offer the best service for the guests. Hands-free door opening maintains a high level of hygiene, so guests can enjoy the full attention of the catering staff without any worries.

Project: Asian Restaurant Han, Aleja, Ljubljana
Architecture: GAO Architects
Door used: 300 wood
Contractor: Carpentry Trunkelj
Photography: Žiga Lovšin