Beeland Skok Mozirje

Make the most of the space with telescopic doors


Apartments Skok are little beehive-like houses at the foothills of Golte, Slovenia. Its location makes them an ideal vacation spot, where guests can relax during all seasons of the year. The overall look of the tiny honeycomb houses is smoothly complemented by Doorson automatic sliding doors.


Functionality and elegance combined

Telescopic doors are perfect for places where a swing opening is not an option. Sliding leaves open one after the other, which makes them especially appropriate for areas with limited space. Moreover, 300 T doors provide an architectural solution that perfectly adapts to the appearance of a building.


Creating the illusion of a big window

Since the glass door allows the natural light to fill up the room, it is a perfect solution for creating a brighter space in windowless areas.


Hygienic door opening

An automatic opening enables a comfortable, clean and touchless passage that allows people to move carefree and without limits.


Photography: Žiga Lovšin
Door used: 300 T