Park Café

No random opening, only "on demand"


Idyllic surroundings of Lake Bled are home of Park Café - a famous tourist spot, best known for the excellent traditional Slovenian dessert called Bled cream cake. Doorson automatic sliding doors greet you at the entrance of the café, where you can enjoy stunning views of the beautiful lake while sweetening up with Bled delicacies.


Easy movement with full hands

The café is rounded off by an outdoor terrace, which offers extra space for a relaxing break. Guests can enjoy the pleasant attention of the waiters, who don't have to bother how to open the doors with full hands. This makes work much easier for them, as automatic sliding doors allow them to elegantly move in and out of the café.


Ensuring high hygiene standards

The popularity of the Park Café attracts a large number of people daily. Therefore, Doorson automatic sliding doors not only enable the smooth flow of guests, but also contribute to a higher level of hygiene with a touchless opening and closing.


No unnecessary opening

A touchless opening is also possible with the Smart Switch, which allows the door to be opened "on demand" - by approaching the body, arm or hand, otherwise it stays closed.

Such a combination is suitable especially for environments where every movement near the door does not necessarily mean changing the rooms. A Smart Switch provides additional comfort for guests sitting on the terrace near the entrance and at the same time protects the interior from the constant intrusion of external movements.

Smart Switch detection zone: 10 cm, 25 cm, 50 cm and 100 cm.


A safe emergency exit

As the main evacuation route in the Park Café leads through the main entrance, the built-in Doorson doors are redundant, which ensuring a safe emergency exit.
Safety is a key added value of Doorson redundant sliding doors, as they open automatically in emergency situations and remain this way, unless they are in "locked" or "stop" mode.


Photography: Žiga Lovšin
Architecture : REAL Engineering; Rok Klanjšček and Aljaž Lavrič
Door used: 300, 300 r