Car dealership Volkswagen

Spatial flexibility and functional experience


Car dealership Volkswagen offers a comprehensive range of quality services for vehicles. It takes into account both flexibility and adaptation to the wishes of individuals, as well as integrity and an interdisciplinary approach. With the renovation, they focused even more on innovation, service quality and a better customer experience.



In the center of attention


Entrance is an important visual element in creating a great first impression. Custom-made curved automatic sliding door 300 C gives an inviting and exclusive touch, complementing the architecture of the building. Waterproof roof, thermo profiles with an extended canopy and integrated LED lights, built-in sensors and air curtain are possible. With a reflexive silver dark blue glass, we achieve a mirror effect and sun protection. It blends nicely with the glass color of the facade.


Door: 300 C | curved automatic sliding door, main entrance to the building


Smooth people flow experience


Efficient and safe entrance is important, as several people daily change in/out of the building. The 300 standard door enables easy and hands-free door opening, which ensures the smooth flow of a larger number of people. It perfectly matches the glass facade, improves the lighting of space and offer a feeling of carefree passage.


Door: 300 | standard automatic sliding door, main entrance of Volkswagen


Functional and elegant wide entrances


Usability and the flexibility of space for moving vehicles in car showrooms are crucial. The 300 T automatic sliding door ensures smooth operation and creates a wider door opening passage. It adapts perfectly to the architectural showroom space, where the goal is to maintain flexibility and efficiency. A custom-made telescopic mechanism with two sliding leaves, both moving into the same direction, creates a larger passage with the maximum possible width of the opening. It allows the vehicle transition from one room to another.


Door: 300 T | telescopic automatic sliding door, interior of car dealership Volkswagen


Project: Car dealership Volkswagen
Arhitecture: ART.A Design
Door used: 300 | 300 T | 300 C
Photography: Žiga Lovšin