General hospital Murska Sobota, Slovenia

General hospital Murska Sobota has its door open since 1893. At that time, there were only 4 hospital rooms with 24 beds. During all those years, hospital has expanded and modernized.

Employees at the hospital always put patients and their needs in the foreground. For their better well-being and easier movement in the hospital, contributes also our company Doorson which made more then 50 automatic sliding doors for them.

Use of automatic sliding doors in the hospital makes work and crossing easier to employees. For hygienic use and opening of the doors is a great solution our touchless SENSE SWITCH. Doors open only when we want them to open.

“General hospital Murska Sobota is very satisfied with electric doors of the producer Doorson. Doors are reliable, affordable and easy to handle. Maintenance is also not a problem.”

— General hospital Murska Sobota

Automatic sliding doors makes movement easier for the patients, especially for those on wheelchairs, as well as to employees when moving hospital beds and other medical equipment.

On the picture above on the left side there is customized door design, which is appropriate for using in roentgen rooms, where is increased radiation of X-rays.