General hospital Slovenj Gradec

New radiology department protected by lead-lined doors


The General Hospital Slovenj Gradec acquired an operating room with a new multi-purpose intervention X-ray machine, angiogram - the only one of its kind in South-Eastern Europe. Lead-lined automatic sliding door for X-ray rooms protects against radiation, enabling the safe and hygienic performance of angiography procedures.



Radiation protection comes first


Rooms for X-ray examinations or operations must be protected with special materials to ensure the safety of patients and medical staff. Lead-lined door is a special product for X-ray rooms that prevents the flow of X-rays, enabling an efficient, smooth and safe working environment. The door is insulated and connected to the angiogram and when the device is operating, the door remains closed. All doors in the room are highly custom-made to the wishes and solutions of the architect and the interior. They uncompromisingly meet all construction and safety requirements.


Door: 300 lead-lined | lead-lined automatic sliding door, passage to the control office and patient preparation room


Radiation-proof and hygienic environment is a priority


Cleanliness is a key factor in maintaining a healthy and sterile environment. The smooth surface of the aluminum panel without edges ensures easy cleaning and efficient maintenance of high hygiene standards in the X-ray operating room. Doors, frames and leaves are protected with lead and powder-coated with highly resistant paints for disinfection and use. The lead equivalent thickness of the door is equal to 1.5 mm of Pb and meets the characteristics of the appliance in the room.


A windowless panel door offers additional privacy when preparing a patient for surgery in an adjoining room. The integrated windows in the door provide a quick insight and break the monotony of the panel leaf. All lead safety glass in the door is also X-ray resistant and has the same thickness as the panel. This is reflected in a smooth door surface without edges, preventing the retention of dirt.


Door: 300 lead-lined | smooth aluminium panel with integrated window, entrance to the adjoining rooms


No bacterial transmission


Touchless technology is a simple and modern solution for hygienic door opening. All doors in the space ensure efficient, safe and hands-free entrance, which prevents the transmission of bacteria, remaining the room remains sterile. Built-in security sensors additionally enable a hygienic and reliable opening with the possibility of setting the detection area. Touchless door opening allows the hands and the room to stay clean even after the disinfection or before entering. The opening/closing door modes and access control can be determined by the user. Automatic sliding doors are also integrated in the rooms next to the radiology, which means that the entry of bacteria is practically impossible.


Uncompromising fire safety


Fire doors are an essential part of the hospital's fire protection system to ensure the safety of everyone: patients, staff and visitors. The panel evacuation fire door 500 EFS is more resistant to surface damage compared to the glass door, providing EI30 fire resistance. In normal circumstances, it functions as a standard automatic sliding door, offering the benefit of a touchless door opening and safe closing. In the event of a fire alarm, a power failure or other emergencies, 500 EFS automatically transforms into a swing operation. The door represents advanced and innovative fire opening solutions for swing opening on ESCAPE routes, ensuring fast, efficient and safe evacuation and rescue. Despite its robust appearance it elegantly adapts to the architecture of the space, meeting all standards of fire protection.


Door: 500 EFS | evacuation fire sliding door for safe evacuation and easy rescue



Project: General hospital Slovenj Gradec
Arhitecture: Milan Cehner
Door used: 300 lead-lined | 500 EFS
Photography: Žiga Lovšin