The General Hospital Novo mesto

The General Hospital Novo mesto just opened its brand new Centre for Intensive Care and Centre for Endoscopy. Both centers are built according to the newest technical guidance, which makes it the most state-of-the-art hospital in Slovenia.


Touchless door opening. Hygiene is the top priority.

Opening doors with hands contributes to the spread of healthcare-associated infections. With an automatic or hands- free opening and closing we improve hygiene and reduce the need for cleaning.


Hands-free entry

Doorson ensures that everybody in your building can move hands-free. Transporting patients on a trolley or hospital bed is much easier if the door opens automatically. The use is hygienic, since you don’t even touch the hooks.


Architecture: Styria Arhitektura
Photography: Žiga Lovšin
Doors used: 300, 330 EF