Hotel Grof

Exceptional design and hospitality


The hotel Grof impresses with its efficient architecture and elegant interior design. With the integration of a custom-made automatic sliding door, on the ground floor, this is a place of a comprehensive experience of hospitality & well-being with a top-notch atmosphere.



Smart design


Along with the service, this hotel's architecture impresses at first sight. Smart product design, a wide selection of materials and many color combinations make an automatic sliding door a perfect architectural element for the hotel, enhancing the overall experience.


Experience a safe & welcoming entrance


Right from the start, automatic sliding door 300 welcomes you at the entrance, ensuring a smooth hands-free access for everyone. It effectively prevents heat loss and helps save energy, making an excellent vestibule. In emergencies, the redundant version of the door provides a safe and quick exit as it remains open along the evacuation route.


Door: 300 | standard automatic sliding door, vestibule & main entrance to the hotel


Connection between two spaces


Functionality and transparency continue in the interior, where the hotel lobby connects to the café area with a glass automatic sliding door. It fills the room with natural light and gives a feeling of open space. Guests are allowed to check what is happening on the other side and employees have more control over the environment.


Door: 300 | standard automatic sliding door, passage between the reception and the café



Project: Hotel Grof
Arhitecture: Tloris
Door used: 300
Photography: Žiga Lovšin