Reactor Infrastructure Center - Jožef Stefan Institute, Slovenia

Jožef Stefan Institute is a Slovenian public research institute that collects, creates and disseminates knowledge in the field of natural and technical sciences and sciences of life. It deals with cutting-edge researches and technology development in various fields.

Institute chose for their offices glass walls with integrated automatic sliding doors. Anexcellent architectural solution that gives a pleasant feeling of openness into to the room and fills it with natural light. The design is especially suitable in corridors with a larger number of offices, where the classic design with walls and doors would optically reduce the space and prevent access of natural light.

Opening of the door can be with a sensor or with a touch screen, which is especially appropriate in small areas where people move right next to the door, as for example in hallways. When necessary we also can use different access controls, for example a card reader.

Glassed automatic sliding doors ensure brightness to the room and represent a functionalelegant and comfortable solution. Sliding opening also interferes with less space than swing opening. This way you can have your furniture just next to the door.