Hotel, Restaurant Ajda


Functional automatic sliding access for efficient service, excellent experience and human safety


The Ajda restaurant continues the story of local grain, which is also the red thread of the largest hotel of the same name in Terme 3000. It impresses with a fresh and modern interior, complemented by the functionality of automatic sliding doors at the entrance to the restaurant, kitchen and exit to the large terrace.



01 ENTRANCE: Floor to ceiling elegance


Door: 300 r | entrance to the Ajda restaurant


A glass automatic sliding door from the floor to ceiling allows a smooth passage for restaurant guests. It elegantly blends with the interior and making a functional connection between two separate spaces - the hotel lobby and the restaurant. The invisible door drive, completely hidden in the ceiling, expresses an elegant design and visually creates a more spacious interior.


02 KITCHEN: Efficient service with hands-free door opening


Door: 300 | entrance to the kitchen


The passages between the kitchen and the dining area are extremely busy due to the constant interaction. The standard automatic sliding door 300 allows simple, touchless access, making it easier for service staff to move around with full hands. On the way from the dining room to the kitchen, the door opens hands-free with just a wave of the hand in front of the Smart Switch. From the opposite direction, the sensor detects the human body and thus allows the door to open and close automatically.

At the same time, the efficient hands-free door opening ensures a high level of hygiene for both, employees and guests of the restaurant.


Smart Switch



Smart Switch and sensor enable controlled touchless door opening that adapts to the user's needs, offering a safe and efficient passage. As we approach body or hand to the switch, the door opens, otherwise it stays closed. The sensor detects the body and allows automatic and comfortable door opening with the possibility of adjusting the detection field.


03 TERRACE 2 in 1: Comfortable access & emergency exit



Exit to the terrace of the restaurant provides standard door opening/closing and evacuation in case of emergency. Guests and employees can escape to a safe place. Upon the activation of a fire signal, power failure or in emergencies, a redundant automatic sliding door 300 r and keeps it open, ensuring a safe way out for everyone.

Door: 300 r | (emergency) exit to the terrace of the restaurant



04 FIRE DOOR: Safe fire barrier


On the other side of the restaurant, at the third entrance to the kitchen, a NON-ESCAPE fire automatic sliding door 500 F is installed. It functions as a standard automatic sliding door with a fire resistant ability for 60 minutes. In event of a fire, the door creates a safe fire barrier and prevents the spread of fire from one fire sector to another. Escape is not possible.

Door: 500 F | access to the kitchen, NON-ESCAPE fire sliding door EI60


Project: Restaurant Hotel Ajda, Terme 3000
Project leaders: Peti vogal d.o.o. | P. Volavšek, M. Kovačič, M. Prinčič
Door: 300, 300 r, 500 F
Photography: Žiga Lovšin