Royal Bled - Royal House, Slovenia

The Royal House is located in Bled with a beautiful view on the Karavanke and on the Julian Alps, right next to the world-famous golf course Royal Bled. It was built in year 1938 and is a true pearl of landscape architecture. Its interior is decorated with frescoes and stucco by renowned Slovenian painters and sculptors.
After the renovation, in which we also had the honor to participate, the house was returned to its sophistication and cosiness.

Lightweight construction on the northern part of the Royal house with the entrance to the terrace, which fuses with its surroundings and does not interfere with the outer appearance of the building, which is especially important for monumentally protected buildings. The solution was reached with a 300 thales which is a completely frameless glass door.

The brightness and openness of the space at the entrance is very important. We achieved it by choosing glass leaves without profiles and a hidden 300 thales drive operator.

Standard door from product line 300 is on a corridor preventing cold air intrusion. With a hidden drive operator into the lowered ceiling and opening of the leaf in to the wall, it ensures a maximum clean passage opening and is an optimal solution in case where there is no room for opening of the leaves.

Telescopic automatic sliding doors 300 T opens the passage to the store with a wide selection of sportswear and accessories. They offer maximum space and passage size, since the two leaves are folded in one on the other. Double-sided telescopic doors are also available, where the two leaves are folded to the left and right side.

Evacuation fireproof automatic sliding door 300 EF provides an easy passage because they act as a standard sliding door. In case of fire, they close mechanically but still allows evacuation thru a break-out function.


Architecture: Sadar + Vuga
Photograph: Ajda Žagar
Doors used: 300, 300 thales, 300 T, 300 EF