SoNo arhitects: Sports Hotel Soča


Welcoming entrance experience in the mountains


The unique and modern Sports Hotel Soča, designed by SoNo architects, impresses both visitors and locals in the center of Bovec. The entrance to the hotel is sophisticated and functionally complemented by the automatic sliding door, improving the overall user experience.



Elegant transition between interior and exterior


A cube-shaped vestibule, elegantly integrated into the overall architectural design, gives a great impression on your way into the building.

"It subtly connects the glazed area of a high-altitude foyer and the glazed ground floor of the public program. From a technical point of view, the door best meets all the requirements for building a hotel," explain SoNo architects.


Two telescopic automatic sliding doors 300 T in the form of a glazed vestibule ensure that one door always remains closed, preventing draughts and cold air from entering on windy days. Hands-free door opening allows visitors smooth access to a larger open space, where the lobby, bar and reception are connected.

Door: 300 T | elegant vestibule and beautiful hotel lobby


Why did you decide to install the Doorson automatic sliding door at the entrance of the Soča Hotel?


"We have known Doorson doors for some time and have already foreseen them in our older projects. We chose them mainly because of the wide selection of glass automatic doors with innovative solutions that are at the same time highly esthetic in appearance."


Improved energy efficiency of the hotel


The hotel was designed with the rationalization of consumption in mind, with the entrance also having a significant impact on the energy efficiency of the whole building. Doorson automatic sliding door saves energy through greater control of airflow along with innovative energy-save function.


Whenever the doors are STILL, in CLOSED or OPEN mode, the door controller falls in SAVE MODE. Therefore, energy consumption drops to 0.4 Wh, which means lower electricity costs.


Door: 300 T | main entrance to the Hotel Soča



Safe way out



The hotel is just like the second home to many people. To ensure safety, it needs an efficient and functional emergency exit system that can withstand a large flow of people. Upon the activation of a fire signal, power failure or in emergencies, a redundant automatic sliding door automatically opens and stays open, ensuring a safe escape for everyone.

Door: 300 T | emergency exit from the hotel



Project: Sports Hotel Soča
Architecture & Interior: SoNo architects
Door: 300 T
Photography: Žiga Lovšin