Veterinary clinic Sežana

Reflection of the advanced and touchless environment


Veterinary Clinic Sežana strives for the best veterinary care, regular education and keeps pace with modern guidelines in the field of veterinary medicine. It was re-designed to accommodate a team of veterinary specialists to provide them with a hygienic, functional, and pleasant working environment.



No bacterial transmission


The interior of the clinic is neutral in design, equipped with double-leaf automatic sliding doors type 300, which provide the convenience of touchless door opening and closing. All together reduces the transmission of bacteria and maintains high hygiene standards in any room. With selected glass colors, employees have greater privacy, allowing for more focused work performance.


A blend of elegance and functionality


Efficient passages between private rooms for staff and visitors are easily and esthetically solved with automatic sliding doors 300 thales. Satin glass color creates an elegant and private atmosphere with a door reflection effect on the door, gently emphasizing the hands-free entrance. The automatic sliding doors functionally blend in with the interior design, where the safety built-in sensor and Smart Switch enable controlled door opening that adapts to the user's needs.


For your well-being


All materials and door applications are reliable and easy to clean, which is crucial in maintaining high hygiene and everyone's well-being. The automatic sliding door system undoubtedly impresses with a more pleasant, safer and smooth people flow.


Project: Veterinary clinic Sežana
Door used: 300, 300thales
Photography: Žiga Lovšin