Villa Rožna

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This amazing renovated villa in an exclusive location in Ljubljana impresses with its transparency and sophistication. The comprehensive interior design is elegantly complemented by a highly custom-made automatic sliding door as the entrance to the living room and a mirror in the hallway.



Sophisticated interior and smart design


The architecture and design of this house is smart and thoughtful concept overall. The installation of an automatic sliding door brings a modern touch to the interior together with the smart technology of touchless and safe passage. Multi-functional switch COM 20 provides different functionalities and modes to control the door according to the needs and wishes of the home owner.


Door: 300 | standard automatic sliding door, touchless access from / to the living room


Perfect fit to the space


The architects combined functionality and elegance in this place with the highly custom-made solutions of automatic sliding door. Its flexibility in dimensions, materials and colors make this project completely unique. The door perfectly integrates into the wooden wall and is practically invisible.


Door: 300 | custom-made automatic sliding door blended with the wooden wall and the interior


The interior automatic sliding door 300 is wooden on both sides, composed of a panel leaf in white. The discreet drive with a built-in safety sensor is also clad in wood paneling that completely matches the door design.


Elegant passage between the hallway and the living room
The door slides smoothly into the wall frame


To save space and increase the functionality of the room, the automatic sliding door functions as a pocket door. It conveniently slides into a compartment in the wall when it’s fully open, creating a feeling of more open space. The door allows full-width door opening and connects the living room and hallway, which makes them more accessible.


Multi-functional use in the hallway


The design of the automatic sliding door with a mirror on one side of the leaf, is an innovative approach to furnishing and creates a clean-lined modern look. It definitely is a multi-functional door decor that highlights architectural details in the room. A single mirror door offers a simple style that provides the illusion of more space and catches the eye immediately. In addition, the door allows a comfortable hands-free passage to the basement.


Door: 300 | custom-made automatic sliding door with the mirror, entrance to the basement



Project: Villa Rožna, Ljubljana
Arhitecture: Žužek Interieri
Door used: 300
Photography: Žiga Lovšin