Villa R: Private modern home

Modernity and functionality harmonized in a private home


The private home reflects individual style with thoughtful design and personalized solutions of automatic sliding door at the entrance to the dining room and hallway, esthetically complementing the interior architecture.



Wood for complementarity and warmth


The villa combines functionality and elegance with the installation of highly custom-made automatic sliding door. Its flexibility in dimensions, materials and colors, "the automatic sliding door is a part of a unified wall covering which embraces the main staircase," explains architect Andraž Žitnik. The door drive with an integrated safety sensor is covered with wood paneling that acts as an equivalent door extension and discreetly connects with the interior.


Door: 300 | standard automatic sliding door, touchless access from / to the living room



Opens into the wall


The wooden automatic sliding door allows movement between the hallway and the living-dining area. When opened, the door is completely hidden in the wall and becomes completely invisible, which allows optimal use of the passage opening and gives the feeling of open space. ""Sliding door provides a visual and acoustic barrier to the central living space from the rest of the villa.""


Wooden doors as part of the wall covering that embraces the main staircase
The door slides smoothly into the wall frame


"Automatic (sliding) door is less often used in individual houses, as the frequency of human passages is lower, but on certain projects, there is a need to use it due to better or easier functionality of the premises. Thus, for both reasons two types of automatic sliding doors were placed here." This is how the architect Andraž Žitnik describes the starting point for installing the automatic sliding door in a private home.



The door as a mirror


The design of the door with an integrated drive into the ceiling and a mirror on one side of the leaf, "visually closes the staircase to the basement, as well as ensures the functionality of the vestibule. Its versatility is reflected in the ease of use, savings in heat loss in the colder months, the emphasized volume of the entrance space as well as the exceptional practicality as a mirror in everyday life."


Door: 300 | custom-made automatic sliding door with the mirror, entrance to the basement


Project: Villa R
Interior: ATRI architecture studio
Carpentry: Žužek Interieri
Door used: 300
Photography: Žiga Lovšin