Fresenius Medical Care, Slovenia

Company Fresenius Medical Care Slovenia has opened its 6th dialysis center in Maribor, Slovenia. It's one of the most modern hemodialysis centers in Europe. It is built in accordance with the most recent building standards, and it’s also energy efficient, automated and equipped with new technologies.

The medical practice is equipped with glass single-leaf automatic sliding doors that open on sensor. Beside the health and comfort of the patients, hygiene is the most important factor in a hemodialysis center. With automatic doors we increase this criterion, because we avoid the use of doorknobs that are one of the dirties and most infected objects in public areas.

The main entrance into the center enables an obstacle-free route and is adapted for the physically-impaired. The architectural solution of the building is a good example of energy efficiency of automatic sliding doors in windbreaks.

The combination of a windbreak and double automatic sliding doors enables a high standard of energy savings, because they limit the air flow between the outdoor and indoor space.


Architecture: Arhitekt Ernst
Photograph: Doorson
Doors used: 300