24th June 2019
Which doors to choose for the kitchen?

Which doors to choose for the kitchen?

Automatic sliding doors are often used in restaurants and bars. They offer elegant and efficient solutions for overloaded passages, e.g. in kitchens:

_  an easier and undisturbed passage through different spaces;

_  touchless door opening;

_  automatic opening and closing;

_  preventing the spread of kitchen smells;

_  thermally and energy efficient;

_  in open position they combine spaces;

_  installation in large openings can work as a partition wall.


If you don’t have much space, automatic sliding doors are an ideal solution. Compared with classical swing doors, they don’t interfere with the rest of the space when they are opening, because the leaves slide alongside the wall. If we have full hands it’s difficult for us to open the doors, they open automatically with the help of a sensor or a touchless switch.